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The Best Watches Under $500 (2018 Updated)

Best Watches under $500? Yes, absolutely.

It not just tells time, it is a statement of style, taste, and identity. The humble wristwatch is your companion in all the important milestones in your life. Wearing one tells the world that time matters to you and you value precision, accuracy, and punctuality.

It is a common myth that you need to splurge $8,000 watch or even $100,000 to get a great watch but is not true. In this article, we will show you that even for less than $500, you can score a great watch. It might not be an heirloom piece, but still, it is an attractive watch with a price you can afford. It will look good and with a precision that rivals the expensive watches. You know what’s best about it? You can wear it confidently anywhere because you don’t need to have an insurance policy for it.

Here we will highlight what makes it a great watch and why each of this timepiece should be on your wrist, wearing it with pride without being overpriced. Plus, it will surely have the aesthetic appeal that a distinguished gentleman like you is looking for.

mens silver watch

Priceworthy watches - less than $500

Honestly speaking, it is not easy to curate watches under $500 because the market is already saturated for this price point. And if you go for cheap watches, you always get what you pay for. What you will get are watches that are made from mediocre materials, inferior craftsmanship and will most likely look old before its time (pun intended).

Of course, the usual stalwarts of affordable timepieces like the most heavily advertised brands will be on your top of mind, but we have consciously veered away from them. Instead, we are concentrating on micro brands that can satiate the cravings of nouveau buyers and avid collectors. It has the same appeal, and each is designed with the distinct aesthetic.

If you are looking for a great watch under $500, there is only one brand that earned the right to be here. You know the answer – Ambassador Watches.

We do we love Ambassador Watches? Let me count the ways.

Luxury Watch Under $500 - Heritage 1959

rounded texture watches

with Brown Leather Strap

A true symbol of confidence, power, and prestige, this watch has it all.

When this watch was designed, they have the men over 40’s in mind. However, times are changing. New trends dictate that simple, understated and elegant watches are for the younger set too. This watch emphasizes timeless elegance in each of the details. Inspired by an era of distinguished gentlemen, nothing about this watch screams ‘cheap’. A well-deserved nod to a timeless era.

A classic timepiece that won't break the bank.

cloud de paris texture

with Black Leather Strap

This watch is another proof that you can have an exceptional timepiece for just a fraction of the price.

It uses the Japanese quartz movement and doesn’t cut corners on quality. With a chic face and a flat sapphire glass case to hold the timepiece together, there is nothing more to look for in this masterpiece.

One of the noticeable highlights of this watch is the date window. Some collectors don’t want a date window because they affect the dial’s symmetry. But with the excellent designer and craftsman behind the Ambassador Heritage 1921, nothing on the dial is removed to make room for the date window. In fact, the date is as small as it can be and the frame is very discreet. Variety is the spice of fun, and you can have this timepiece in three kinds of an interchangeable strap. You have three watches for the price one.

Black and Gold watch - for under 500 bucks.

Ambassador Heritage 1859

with Black Leather Strap

When you dare to be different, you’ve got to have confidence. This is what the Ambassador Heritage 1863 embodies, a watch that clearly is different from the rest of the collection. It features a Sunray dial with gold baton hands and Roman numerals for the time.

For a more distinct look, it comes in a Gold and Black theme. We can throw the word ‘luxury’ into the description of this timepiece even if it cost less than $500 because that is what it is. It is a well-built watch, very understated but definitely exudes elegance.

Watches can do more than just tell time. They speak of your taste, ideas, and attitude. Yeah, your smartphone can tell time, but it does not have the elegance of a wristwatch.

It’s time for you to tell time in style. Don’t spend a fortune trying to impress with a pricey watch; there are watches that can look good on your wrist and have the same purpose.

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