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Best Black Friday Watches 2018

The Best Black Friday Watches 2018 (With Perks)

It's that time of the year again. Great deals to take part of are everywhere, and men's watches on sale is something you don't want to miss. That's why we've made a neat list of the best Black Friday watches 2018 - and we would be truly surprised if you leave this page without buying one.

Checklist before getting a Black Friday Deal:

1) Make sure the product is actually on sale, and not just lowered price the week before
2) Check return policy (hint: We have 60 days free returns & exchanges)
3) Be wary of expensive shipping (shameless hint #2: We've got free shipping, worldwide)
4) Actually like the product. Get something that you can have use of for years to come.

So by now - you've probably realized that a watch is a great (if not the best) deal you can get for Black Friday 2018. It'll serve you for years to come, will improve your daily outfit greatly and on top of that - you may find an amazing deal along with a huge discount. If you scroll down just a bit more, that amazing deal will present itself, I promise.

The Ambassador Heritage 1921 ($279 $199)

Use Code (30% off): BLACKFRIDAY
$279 $199

Perhaps our most popular watch. The simplicity of the timepiece makes it suitable for nearly any outfit, both casual to formal. The watch is 40mm, which we specifically designed to fit both men and women beautifully. Not too big - and definitely not too small - you want your watch to actually be seen, right? The case is 316-L (nickel-free) stainless steel, coated several times to keep the shine for many, many years to come. Not only that - it's super scratch resistant. While we're on that topic, the glass is, of course, unscratchable crystal. How's that for the best Black Friday watches 2018?

Best Black Friday Deal

The dial itself is very interested as well. The middle texture is unique to the Heritage 1921, and is inspired by the Clous de Paris building in Paris, France. The texture is not printed but actually embossed, a craftmanship you seldom see in watches this price range. All the indices are embossed for that final, luxurious touch.

Check Our Full 1921 Heritage Collection

Use Code (30% off): BLACKFRIDAY
Use Code (30% off): BLACKFRIDAY
Use Code (30% off): BLACKFRIDAY

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Use Code (30% off): BLACKFRIDAY

The Ambassador Heritage 1863 ($279 $199)

Use Code (30% off): BLACKFRIDAY
$279 $199

Where do we even begin? This is specially crafted and designed to make a statement. With design inspired from the 1800's (with Roman numerals, gold baton hands, black hands and black strap) - it definitely stands out. The height of the Heritage 1863 is just 9mm - a perfect balance if you ask me - with custom designed lugs just to fit the wrist perfectly. The rose-gold case along with the black face makes it an unbeatable combo if you like to dress for business.

Did I forget to mention that all our watches come in a beautiful, real leather watch box? We've thought of everything. When you're not using the watch (shame on you), you at least need to store it in a worthy way. If you plan on giving one to a loved one (birthday present or to your amazing boyfriend), a real watch box is the ultimate packaging.

Read more about the Ambassador Heritage 1863
Use Code (30% off)BLACKFRIDAY

Still not convinced? Well.. Check this out:

ALL our watches have an amazing interchangeable strap system built in. That means you are able to alter your style in a matter of seconds - literally. Switch from a brown leather strap to a shiny silver mesh bracelet, and it's like you've got a brand new watch. Again - in seconds. No tools needed.

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