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Best 21st Birthday Gifts. Celebrate like you deserve.

21st birthday gifts? Yeah, only the top picks.

Turning 21 is an amazing achievement. In all seriousness, you already lived 21 years on this earth. Sometimes happy, sometimes dull. There's no denying that you'll have a bright future and a lot of joy ahead of you. So let's celebrate life and live it to the fullest potential. You're turning 21, right? Before you do, I want to present you the best 21st birthday gifts. Let's go.

History tells us that the best gift is the watch, so we'll follow that trend. Our Predecessors knew a thing or two about watches. From life necessity to the daily fashion accessory, watches always hold their significant position in our lives. Honestly, who doesn't like watches? I bet you do.

We made our choice. We're going with watches. I'm not on your regular digital watches for men. That game is weak (we'll come back to this). We're talking about real watches. The solid ones. The ones that make a statement. The ones that catch people's attention. We know you deserve it. You're 21 :)

So let me introduce you the best classic watch on the market. That's not an opinion. Straight facts. Ladies and gentleman...

A classic 21st birthday watch

luxury watch with texture

Get it now ($199) - Free shipping worldwide

Black and white. All classic. You can never go wrong with this watch. This watch screams status and wealth. Why I'm even telling you this? You can see it yourself.

The Heritage 1921 is the best watch for you. Why? I just know what you need. Something that works. Something that is not heavy on your wrist. Something that is good looking. Heritage 1921 checks all the boxes.

men with wrist watch

with Brown Leather Strap

Never hold back the true you. Celebrate today like never before and don't forget to gift yourself.

Cherish the 21st birthday. Go for a classic watch to last.

Remember me bashing on digital watches? I'll tell you why.

The reason is that digital watches for men have no soul. You buy one and you feel nothing. You throw it away when it breaks. Can relate? We all feel the same.

Of course, nowadays it is more of a status purchase. You get a clock on every smartphone, there are many mini wrist computers on the market. No one needs a mechanical watch in 2018, right? Wrong. Our desire for mechanical watches isn't about logic. It's about emotions.

Remember your first mechanical watch? You bought it when you achieved something. You bought it when you hit the next level. The classic one, it shows that you're special. It's your daily reminder that says, You can do this! Now, look at your digital watch. Does it look like a trophy? I doubt so.

Details matter - especially for a gift

watch with dial texture

Different watches produce a different message. Each watch is a reflection of your personal social baggage. We're not here to let you down. We care about you and we love you. That's why we design the best watches for men. Period.

So, yeah, since you're 21 soon. We wish you all the best in the world. Be beautiful. Be loving. Be yourself.

Happy birthday!

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