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Incomparable Timepieces


watches exceed the standard. They are not mediocre, common, or antiquated. But instead, are testaments to exceptional craftsmanship that are instant classics which transfix everyone. Be a part of greatness. Be an ambassador.

Heritage 1921

40mm silver timepiece

Heritage 1863

40mm rosegold timepiece

Heritage 1959

40mm rosegold timepiece
The Story

I. The Original

This tale begins with our namesake’s profession: the ambassador. Like all envoys, the original ambassador’s job was to be the manifestation of his homeland on foreign soils. But, he was always different. Regardless of where his work took him, he stood out and became renowned for his refined taste for everything vintage.

His suits were tailored to fit his mid 20th century style, his hair reflected a comb-over that many thought had been lost to another era, and his demeanour was class itself. He captivated crowds and demanded crisp perfection. The ambassador was timeless.

Join The Adventure

Here at Ambassador, we value all of our customers from all over the world. In an effort to connect with all of you, we challenge everyone to participate in our #ambassadorwatches journey! After purchasing your watch, take a picture of yourself with your new accessory and tag your photograph with #ambassadorwatches. We will then pick certain shots to publish on our social media accounts. You even have the chance to win exclusive prizes every week. Stay in the know and join us on our adventure!